I have given up trying to convince people that they are willing participants in the worst biological experiment in human history. The COVID-19 virus has claimed 4,666,334 as of September 15, per WHO. The emotional, physical, financial price on humanity simply cannot be calculated. I offer my perspective as an African born in America, a married father of three adolescents, a restaurateur in one of the fastest growing cities in America, Brooklyn NY… An ambassador for the Black community and brother to an icon who did not survive the deadly tentacles of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become obvious to me that this pandemic is no accident. There are clear goals and objectives that are set, and the strategy to achieve these goals are executed through a meticulous cunning campaign of suppression, misinformation, deception, lies, authoritarianism, lockdowns and mandates. I choose these specific words because we can actually expand on each one of these strategies in great detail but let us just wait another 15 years when we can use the freedom of information act to gather all the facts.

History has shown us the powers that be, protect all their criminals feverishly while they are alive but once they are dead and can no longer face prosecution their truths are revealed. Treacherously evil men have always devised means to enslave, torture, and kill their fellow human beings. As a Black man I have never felt more vulnerable and hopeless in my life, because we have nothing to defend against this new weapon of mass destruction. The OAU, NAACP, BLM has not, cannot and will not provide any guidance or protection combating this existential threat to Black people globally. As Black people we have not a single body dedicated to at the very least gathering useful information that can be helpful in protecting us. The best hospitals in the world are filled with doctors and nurses from all over the diaspora. Labs at the cutting edge of biomedical research are filled with Black scientists from all over the world. Black people need to be more organized. We have to understand there is nobody that will save us from the rest of the world but ourselves. Black people are still fighting for their human rights in every country on the planet, including every nation in Africa! Why are we like this? What is wrong with us? We have squandered 60 years of independence from colonialism and have not matured in any aspect of nation building and a pathway to self-determination for our peoples. Slavery and colonialism wrecked the consciousness of our people globally to the point that we have accepted assimilation, and a second rate social status as an acceptable strategy for survival. Leaving the safety, security and health of our people to a class of people invested in our subjugation, degradation and consumerism is the biggest disgrace worn by our leaders and heads of states across the globe. Let’s dial it down a notch…. Costco, and Walmart, experienced zero disruption during the pandemic, profits have doubled and tripled while restaurants have endured ridiculous mandates throughout this process. The mayor thinks families of twenty inside my restaurant is way more dangerous than allowing you to ride the bus and trains everyday with complete strangers. You have countries in the Caribbean that have remained locked and closed to small business owners since March 2020, what metrics are they going by? Who is feeding them such fear? Our leaders have failed us… That is why we are spread all over the world homeless. Let’s look at what’s happening at the Texas border with our Haitian brothers. America would rather have sons of the Taliban here in the U.S., than your Haitian people who are looking for the same exact things. Divide and conquer…it is easier to control us and ensure the status quo as long as we do not see ourselves connected to each other. Pan-Africanism is a concept that can inspire growth, change and a way forward when we begin to see ourselves collectively united as one nation, who has each other’s back. We are tired, the constant bombardment of propaganda, the countless obstacles standing in the way of having peace of mind living in this country is depressing. Africa and the Caribbean have to break away from regurgitating their Western masters talking points and concepts, and find a way to create an alternative reality for me and people like me so we can come back home and shape our future together.  

Adebayo Adewumi is founder of EBM (Excellence in Black Men), and founder and CEO of Amarachi Restaurant.