Harlem Assembly member Al Taylor stood alongside community leaders, local organizations and Esplanade Gardens, Inc. shareholders to speak out against the improper management of capital improvement repairs at Esplanade that has forced residents to live in deplorable, life-threatening conditions for over a year.

Taylor’s office has been looking into resident concerns for months, conducting wellness calls and apartment visits to see the damages and living conditions firsthand. Due to the overwhelming number of complaints, last week Taylor held two town halls to better assess the magnitude of the situation. 

Several local leaders attended including Rep. Adriano Espaillat (NY-13), Community Board 10 District Manager Shatic Mitchell, as well as organizations like WE ACT for Environmental Justice. At the town halls residents shared countless horrific stories of flooding, ceilings falling in, toilets left in living rooms for months, extreme dust, shoddy electrical work, gaping holes, and asbestos abatement concerns.

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  1. I’m grateful for all the assistance Assemblyman Al Taylor has given us. What I’ve and many other Shareholders are enduring is a Capital Nightmare. And, I thank Assemblyman Al Taylor for taking time out of his busy schedule to help us.

  2. Al Taylor couldn’t help his own HDFC coop who has been mismanaged for years where he lives, so why do you think he can help Espanade Gardens?

  3. Gloria, Al Taylor’s busy schedule? You got to be joking. Busy doing what? Milking the tax payers with his no-show job?

  4. Al Taylor can’t even help the residents in his district who have had scaffolding around their buildings over 15-20 years. He’s a shill.

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