The intense concentration of the New Moon in Scorpio at 13 degrees on the 4th and the Sun in Scorpio as well, is about secrets revealed, hidden agendas, transformation, or rebirthing of a cycle as the South and North nodes come to an end soon. When people show you who they are, take note of it and find the nearest exits. Don’t wait to see it through and allow that energy to get all tied up and entangled and hit you emotionally or mentally. With Uranus in Taurus plus Scorpio being a water sign, a quiver or shakeup is underway as unseen storms, floods, and turbulence emerge with all this fixed sign energy in the cosmos. It’s a time to renew your faith and hoard like you did when the pandemic presented itself to the world. Find your way back home and remember who you are during this reboot. “New life starts in the dark, whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.” Barbara Brown Taylor

Capricorn: November is a month to see potential growth within your work ethics, with a keen sense of knowing the right words to say. A dose of sense of humor is added to the flavor this month and your energy is electrifying. Relationships from personal, to business, and the home are expanding and if you are in a relationship a possible proposal is in the forecast. Romance could be a theme as well. Remember the words commitment, action, wealth, health, and doing for yourself are all in alignment that produces results. Scorpio is a water sign and Capricorn is an earth sign and they nurture each other, so stay focused on the mission to see growth.

Aquarius: It was nice to meet, greet and travel to take a break free of the usual hustle and bustle. This week your character is softer, and your words are uplifting, the kind that bring awareness to people. Conversations and networking are big topics this cycle for you to learn a new field. You’ll notice younger people are drawn to you, yet wise in their approach. With Jupiter in Aquarius until Dec. 29, 2021, your finances should pick up substantially like they did in March, June, of this year or your self-development has increased tremendously. Jupiter always leaves with a gift before ending its transit. It is up to you to follow up with the gift.

Pisces: What’s new in your life this week? Things may feel like they’re coming to a halt, yet look for the context clues to make sense of what you see and feel present. A review of your morals and ethics may be questioned to ensure what you are seeking or doing is in alignment and equal to your endeavors. Sometimes a different perspective is needed to get you back on track. Increase your intake of water, exercise for mental clarity and relief, and write down those simultaneous ideas that cross your path to reflect later.

Aries: This week is a time to transform and shed away the old to allow the new you to shine through. Clandestine relationships can occur so it’s best to be honest as well as the other party involved. Review your financial cash flow and make necessary investments that are beneficially producing short and long-range goals. A grand slam on your master plan is soon forthcoming as well as a time to divorce yourself from past obligations, relationships, so as to give birth to new ideas. Open your heart and trust the process.

Taurus: What’s the 411? As the earth shakes a bit here and there, then trembles here and there, then suddenly ends with a quiver and a shake. That was super fantastic how you pulled it off with everything spinning and blowing in all four directions swiftly.  Even with all the shaking, you remain balanced and that is vital this cycle—form your foundation. You can safely say you passed the test, and a mini-break or even a get-away trip is forthcoming.

Gemini: This is your week to move in silence and don’t leave your conversation open. People’s intentions aren’t always honest and true, so sit back and watch how the scene unfolds. Stay connected with the latest news in your neighborhood as family and friends are likely to keep you abreast. What are your goals in life? Where do you see yourself by the end of the year? Link up like-minded souls and individuals to provide an outlet where everyone’s expertise can shine in a sacred space for others who may seek your products or services.

Cancer: The alpha and the omega of a cycle aids in relinquishing and you start anew.  What are your dreams, goals, or something you want to create to manifest into your life? Are you willing to sacrifice your time to commit and put in the work? Try new ways of doing what you’re already doing to extend your business, work, yourself, and even your environment to receive a different result. Focus on your objectives and your next move will appeal to you.

Leo: Make your mark on this world this month. You’re likely to have grandiose plans and with the proper organizational skills and structure, you can pull anything off and make it look like a classic. In this cycle, you don’t have to dress up to be the boss.  Instead, simply be you, and allow your due diligence to do the talking for you. Fulfill your dreams this week and let no one stand in your way. Those who have your best interest will block the funk and distraction so you move forward in your purpose.

Virgo: Remembering who you are and your roots is the theme of this cycle. As information will come fast, some with visual content, some by words, or the emotional pity party, knee-jerk reactions to get you in alignment for a higher purpose and calling. Don’t block your blessings by ignoring the feeling or not paying attention. Tune into your higher frequency as information is fluid and so are the details. Your focus is now your best friend.

Libra: This new month suggests you now have the vision and the time to lay the foundation for your life and affairs. Put your craft into motion and roll up your sleeves to do the manual work. It’s the kind of week where the rubber meets the road with no spare tire. What are you going to do? This is the test to see how you navigate your will, your strength, to build your muscles as well as your faith. We all can talk the talk but now is the time to walk the walk, and then run with it. That’s when you know you’ve got it and have passed the test.

Scorpio:  Scorpio, the sun and new moon are shining in all their glory around you during the 4th and 5th. Keep that energy up this Scorpio season and take care of yourself before assisting others. A joint discomfort may come about so make sure you receive a second yet third opinion as the diagnosis will not solve your issues. Soak in a hot bath to relieve any aches and pain to restore your body. Continue with your plans as partnerships, relationships, and conversations are likely to hold the missing piece to the puzzle.

Sagittarius: First, you have to dig a hole in the soil to plant the seed and then water it. Despite the process, this is where things come to a halt in your life for a short period.  The sun has to shine for the water to evaporate but then continue to water the plant until you see growth. While in the waiting period, water yourself and redefine your intentions as to what results you want or expect. It’s okay to write them down. Next, set it into water or burn it to see what returns on your investments you gained with the desired results.

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