Kristin Jordan

City Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan, and concerned residents of central Harlem, led a protest on Monday against the “One45” development proposed for the corner of Lenox Avenue and West 145th Street.

The proposal to construct two 363-foot-tall towers, a civil rights museum and new headquarters for Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, has been met with much scrutiny from local residents who feel developer Bruce Teitelbaum, and all other profiting parties, have not adequately engaged or even considered the voices of the majority-black neighborhood.

Richardson Jordan says the One45 development will displace the community she represents. Winning election in 2021 the councilwoman said she would fight against the displacement of Black and Brown people in her district and the erasure of Harlem’s Black heritage, culture and radical tradition.

We cannot sacrifice the lives of humans for the sake of a museum and unaffordable luxury living for the privileged few,” she said “We need to prioritize the lives of our fellow Harlemites.”

Newly released census data revealed that Harlem gained more than 18,000 white residents since 2010, while losing more than 10,000 Black residents.

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  1. Jordan is a mess who has never attended a community board before. Look at the Rev Al Sharpton’s house of injustice and it’s a filthy dump. Why hasn’t Sharpton invested in his storefront church of bs? Who are we displacing the 99 cent store which there are many in Harlem, the liquor store? Where was Jordan when they tore down the last Green Book Hotel? That’s what should of been saved.

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