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With protests in Albany this week, housing advocates and elected officials will ratchet up pressure on Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state legislature to enact the good cause eviction bill.

On Monday in West Capitol Park, elected officials, tenant organizers, and clergy will call for passage of the good cause eviction bill before the eviction moratorium expires on Jan. 15. On Tuesday at 11 a.m., tenants demanding good cause eviction will risk arrest blocking the State Street entrance to the New York State Capitol. On Wednesday at 5 a.m., tenants will do a “wake-up call” outside the Governor’s Mansion with pots, pans, and instruments calling for passage of the good cause eviction bill this week.

Participants in these events will highlight how passage of the good cause eviction bill will protect an estimated 4 million New Yorkers who are vulnerable to arbitrary, unjust evictions and rent gouging. When combined with the Tenant Safe Harbor Act and emergency rental assistance, the good cause eviction bill will protect New Yorkers against unreasonable rent increases, giving them a defense against unjust eviction cases, and helping them pay back rent they owe, which will benefit struggling landlords. 

Speakers will also discuss why continuing to extend eviction moratoria is bad for tenants, who face uncertainty and may self-evict or leave, and bad for landlords, who need stability in the housing market.

Advocates say the good cause eviction bill is the permanent solution that will benefit tenants and landlords, and create a much-needed off-ramp from short-term eviction moratoria. New Jersey and other states have implemented good cause eviction laws for years with strong results.

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