The universe works in mysterious ways to flip the script that some can’t initially fathom, and where others are not surprised at all. As a beginner, learning something new is foreign until you recognize the intrinsic structure or their cycles or systems. Everything and every being has a unique rhythm, pattern, and cycle within. When you’re placed in unexpected situations you learn quicker by observation without having the manual script. Re-evaluate what transpired in your life around April 19, 2021, where Uranus in Taurus, was direct at 10 degrees, through Aug. 19, 2021, where Uranus was in Taurus, retrograde at 14 degrees, then Uranus in Taurus will station direct on Jan. 19, 2022, at 10 degrees. Did you start or end something in your life? What are some major highlights of your life that you can recall at those times? What odd, unusual one-sided circumstances took place?

Capricorn: Your six senses, plus your intuition, are your greatest guide to follow this cycle. Information and messages are being conveyed to you from all sorts and angles of communication. Your name is circulating, rolling off the tongues of others. People are always going to talk, yet look to how you respond and you’re approached. Be intentional with your health, beauty, wealth, work, and don’t let one monkey stop your show. This is the cycle to be in preparation of things unfolding, and coming to a culmination in time. Keep the fortitude.

Aquarius: Push the envelope to complete those unfinished projects, to get them sailing along, and to be published after Mercury retrograde ends on Feb. 4, 2022. This year is all about new alliances, and a new perspective and ways of doing things differently, thus changing your perception on life. There may be a few shake-ups occurring this week, adding fuel to you mentally and sparking you to carry out your mission. Things may be up in the air for now but by month’s end, you’ll be grateful and counting your daily blessings.

Pisces: Setting up a new foundation requires a new set of skills and talents, fueled by a new plan to abide by. You’re full of joy and excitement to see your plans fall into place, and see how your immediate community of like-minded individuals is working with you to build an empire. A systemic approach may work for you, so now’s the time to get yourself into the groove. Once you set the tone of your foundation everything else will seamlessly fall in place.

Aries: There’s a difference between being egotistical and being direct when you need something accomplished. As a trailblazer, you lead by example and not by bullying your way through. That approach will eventually work against you. Any form of partnership, beginning now, will need your special care and attention. It’s about keeping your eyes on the details and the ultimate prize. Self-discovery is the theme of this cycle, as some circumstances will resurface, be it legal or semi-legal, contracts, and learning how to love yourself, but in a new light, with more depth and meaning.

Taurus: Lucky you Taurus! Are you ready to feel the energy of Uranus in Taurus, stationed direct on Jan. 19, 2022 at 10 degrees? Uranus is shaking up your world along with your school of thought, advancing you towards the first-class areas of your life. Your education, home, and foundation, along with the people you’re aligning yourself with are changing. Continue to be grounded in your approach and plant new seeds to come within the 18 months. Your identity, appearance, and status in relationships and partnerships are evolving. Find the direction you want to embark upon to experience the new exciting and adventures in your life.

Gemini: This is a fruitful month, what you do this month will also manifest this October. Start January off on the right feet without contradicting yourself on any decision-making or messages you need to convey to someone. People will ask if you can loan, spare, borrow, etc., but that’s solely up to you this cycle. Additionally, this cycle may find you on the go with errands, traveling, studying a subject of interest, all to sharpen your mindset. The family will need your tender loving care and, even more, family time. So be sure you schedule something with family and friends.

Cancer: Are you in the publication or motion picture field, a field of higher learning, journalism, other professional areas, or going to school for law? This is a week to expand your talents or engage in something you have a passion for. It’s a week to connect with the higher-ups and exploit resources to aid in your endeavors to start or add to your business. There is something you’re seeking within to restore a personal matter that’s dear to your heart. Once you address the issue, you’ll be gratefully relieved.

Leo: Self-discovery is the secret sauce that reintroduces things about you. Things you may not have ever explored within yourself before. You’re on a path of reinventing your mindset, thus elevating it to the point of reaching new heights to accomplish a major task. Remember your core values as you progress in your life. Know that everyone, at some point, has to venture out on their own, like your first time going to college or leaving your parents’ home. Stay grounded and keep calm.

Virgo: Your expertise may be high in demand this week. Your network and net worth speak for themselves. You’re a self-efficient one who doesn’t rely on someone else to do your work. Your resources are what equip you with what you need in order to maintain in life. Your honesty is important to yourself and others as you can cancel your subscription with people whenever you’re ready. New opportunities in work areas are expanding. It’s best to review first, however, before you sign or negotiate for what you want.

Libra: Leave wiggle room this week and reserve a portion of your energy for some “me time.” Focus on nurturing yourself while taking care of business matters, preparing for the upcoming heavy flow. This cycle may feel odd and unusual, slightly off, due to a message that’s attempting to come through. Listen to the conversation that’s taking place as you’re likely to find your message or discover something you have been seeking for the longest.

Scorpio: Dream big if you want to reach for the stars, the moon, and beyond with applied application to your ultimate success. Your wish now is the universe’s command. Release all ties that pull at you or tip the scale over. This is your time to reconstruct areas in your life as far as your health, the home, dietary laws, and revitalize your partnerships with self. Focus on what you want to manifest this month as the ripple effect will expand upon what you create. Draw or sketch out your visions and once completed review it every day as a reminder to fulfill your purpose and mission.

Sagittarius: This year, you’re in the public eye in some way, shape or form, more than usual which began back in late September 2021. You’re planting new seeds and expanding your experience and establishment to build a task force in the community. When people are in groups, working collectively, they become a force to be reckoned with. You’re already a force that walks along with a wealth of wisdom. This cycle week for you has a uniqueness and twist to receive clarity of a detailed message underway.

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