There’s a Full Moon in Virgo on Friday the 18th, at 27-degree Pisces, conjunct with the Sun at 27 degrees, with a decan undertone of Scorpio/Pluto. This moon increases your willpower, determination, reawakening, as well as financial gain or losses. This is the week to push through if you want to succeed in your affairs. A metamorphosis of things in the process is designed to eliminate the old, to advance you to the next level. Some will make a sacrifice, or surrender to a higher power, or have cause to feel the expansive development within. Be mindful as sudden bumps, bruises, accidents, tearing of clothes, and minor cuts could occur. Follow up on any doctor appointments, and get into a health regimen. Be the light that shines from within and allow no one to dim your light.

Capricorn: Windows of opportunity are levitating over you with practical actions you can use to open new doors in your career and home establishment. Circumstances may feel at a standstill, as it’s all about noticing the details and what you apply your energy towards. Take inventory in all aspects of your current circumstances to position yourself on your progress. Restore and replenish those areas of your life and do a double take, reviewing what is required before planning. Near the 24th, get ready to put your plans into action.

Aquarius: Close the doors, as this cycle requires you to unwind, rejuvenate, and be alone in peace. It’s about a one-on-one meeting with yourself, and what’s on your mind. The five W’s of who, what, when, where & why, now come into play. Question your progress in your life to date, and what partnerships you developed. Continue to fill in the blanks until you have the final piece completed. Next, reviewing your work is very important. Review at least three times as each time generates a different experience and perspective.

Pisces: This week is a breathtaking cycle where almost anything you need done can occur when you exercise your mind and apply yourself then follow your heart. Think it, believe it, and allow it to manifest. The process will feel wonderful. Exploit your imagination, as things play out at a snail’s pace as you gather information needed to reach your goals. Every three months take a picture of yourself as your physical characteristics will slightly change for the better.

Aries: This week the progress on your journey moving forward is moderate, as if in a slow-motion effect, similar to a planet in retrograde. Everything is slowed down for the betterment of your personal growth and development. The months of March, June, September, and December hold significance regarding the progress in your life, with it being more beneficial to wait, and be rewarded. When you rush the process, you may experience setbacks, as some things may come fast, and others slow. This week, what’s driving you to move to the next phase of your life? Don’t hold yourself back; take a leap of faith instead.

Taurus: This month and week, your work ethics are highlighted, plus your community or social network is building and strengthening in numb3rs. It’s a phenomenal cycle to teach a new course, counsel, or assist someone yet setting time aside for self-care. Your work schedule may be full, so just remember to set boundaries, and balance the home, family, and other responsibilities. Make a commitment this week and stick to it until you no longer need it.

Gemini: Follow through on your plans and take all the necessary steps to get things done. Out of all the months, this month stands out more as far as dramatic changes with work, family, decisions, and career opportunities are concerned. Do your due diligence with integrity, and with compassion that benefits you and your family. This is your week to make your moves and step into your power without any criticism due to the fact you did your homework.

Cancer: A major shift in your lifestyle is on the rise. One you can feel and change, moving you into new directions. It’s about becoming free of restrictions and self-imposed thoughts to give yourself permission to follow your career dreams and give it a try. What brings you joy? What’s the motivation that ignites your soul to follow your passion and why? Create a new lane in your life as you write a new chapter, one you can reflect back on.

Leo: When the sun shines on your endeavors, it makes you feel proud with a winning attitude. Is it the process, experiences, faith, or all that keep you determined to follow through the steps to achieve a milestone in your life? Partnerships play a special role this year as well as the one you have with yourself that keeps you on your toes and fingers gliding like air. Listen to the inner guide, and what other messages are being conveyed to you.

Virgo: Your mind is on your money, and your money is on your mind, is the phrase for the week. Financial opportunities come in all forms through education, gigs, speaking engagements, training, teaching, etc. How you work your program, is how you work your program as others don’t mind paying for it. Weed out anything unwanted from leftovers. Trim the fat of unnecessary bills and expenses, and complete an overall inventory of your home and business aspects for restocking purposes.

Libra: This week, think of turning your life around in the departments of your appearance, your work setting, decorating, home remodeling, and getting back to your health regimen. This week is a great cycle for publishing, radio interviews, writing, speaking, journaling, and learning a new subject of interest. Know your boundaries as you respect other boundaries, just as you want others to respect you. This is a wish fulfillment cycle to bring about a means to an end.
Scorpio: What the universe has in store for you is something magical. You can feel it with every fiber in your body. To make this cycle week one of the best out of the year, is to simply take action. You’ve been creating many things for years, and now it’s time to publish one of those books, scripts, products, or services at the back of your mind to the world. Follow up on your health, as inflammations, swelling, or bruises may arise, even bumping into something or someone this week.

Sagittarius: This cycle is about learning, writing, speaking, community services, short travels for educational purposes or even expanding your services in some way. People are very attracted to your energy now, as others will seek your services, or want to hear your opinions. It’s a week to get what you need and want when you apply yourself. Make the phone calls, put in the effort, and do what you need to get it done. Just do it, and watch the universe play its part.

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