The remainder of February was a turn of events, and the remainder of March will be similar, beginning the 21st of the month. There’s a saying that goes “this will take your breath away.” The script will be flipped until the evening of April 7, before the main events start. Keep an eye on the weather, as the Divine Creator is making its way, fighting a battle in disguise to protect, preserve, process, and provide. It’s a feeling so strong that some can feel the forecast of what’s coming and see the greenery on earth. A bit of a quiver, tremble, shake, eruptions, or thunder that rocks, with a roll. Lightning that strikes in the blink of an eye, with fire attached. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel if you’re willing to walk the walk of faith into the unknown. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Maya Angelou.

Capricorn: Instantaneous fortune, growth, and evolution are in effect this remainder of March. Walking by faith while fine-tuning your inner self is your indication of the direction of where to go. Applied application is the theme this month to position yourself taking you to higher grounds, and now you can reap the benefits starting around the 24th. Fate and destiny played a role the first week, and this week opens your heart and mind to accept the transformation occurring.

Aquarius: Remuneration is in effect this cycle all due to you building the foundation to get to where you are today. Continue to elevate yourself, think big, plan, and work to carry out your agenda to the best of your abilities. An unusual feeling within your health may pop up, and when it does, lay your hands on the area, and speak the magical words to heal, then schedule with the doctor with a follow-up. Deep gratitude is the feeling in order to receive your blessings. Be brave, be bold, and be courageous in your endeavors.

Pisces: Something of a mystery is in the air that’ll reveal this cycle. One-on-one conversations with yourself, while looking in the mirror, repeating affirmations, sets your daily and weekly objectives. Send out the messages, invoices, and any contracts that need signing, and review all paperwork. Clear up any miscommunications as some may not understand what’s being conveyed. Your smile this month is flawless, sending healing vibes to uplift one’s spirit. It’s the simple things that we do that change one’s perspective, attitude, and redirect self.

Aries: A twist and turn within your plans may lead you to be at the right place and time. It’s the feeling where you book a direct flight, yet the universe may send you a connecting flight, sending you a message in disguise. Have faith in the Divine Supreme which creates, setting the path in your life to be self-sufficient. You must lay the foundation for this cycle and be wise in the choices you make. Who, what, when, why, and where are the questions you may ask, along with a twist or turn, and in what directions? Questioning yourself often gives the answers when you open your heart.

Taurus: Traveling, working with people from different backgrounds, all while in the comfort of your own home is indicated. Life begins to make sense when you do what you love to do to help others on the way. Take a personal three days off for self-care, maintenance, and restoration of your mind, body, and soul. New beginnings, alliances, and partnerships are developing and continue to embark you on the quest of life.

Gemini: A moment of truth alone in the room where it’s only you, speaking to the Divine Creator regarding the changes occurring in your life. Stop and pause for a second within the stillness, to clarify what you’re mentally and physically feeling, and what you’re being emotionally called to do. Decisions need to be made swiftly rather than slowly. Talk it out, walk it out, break it out, and then it’s time to decide. No more beating around the bush when it’s a close encounter in your presence. Make the change and allow the universe to step in. Are you game or not!

Cancer: Some form of reimbursement or payment is initiated for service rendered, or whatever the cause may be, it’s showing up in another way. Although this month is a slow-moving process, the main adventure is the details, and how you feel about it. Your frequency this week is magnetic, and people will ask for your advice, help, also there may be news of a pregnancy or even yours. If not a pregnancy of yours, then perhaps it’s the birth of new concepts or developments.

Leo: New windows of opportunities are at your fingertips. Each one, teaches one, to elevate others on the road of a higher manifestation along the journey. This is a word-of-mouth week, where your name and services are circulating in the ears and hearts of others. The universe has now put you in the spotlight for a greater purpose. Dress to stop traffic, meet up with that important someone, and be flexible.

Virgo: We all strive to improve ourselves, to be righteous within our daily affairs. It’s the approach when you’re addressing a situation is when you get your point across. When things are out of our control, it’s because you’ve done your part, and now the divine order must be restored, assuring you on a new path. Walk by faith, and not by sight, is one of the messages from the Full Moon in Virgo. If’s it up to be, then it’s up to you. Make your move.

Libra: Different strokes for different folks is an old folk’s term. People have different agendas, wants, needs, and desires that need to be fulfilled, to become who they are in this world. Not all of it is good as some or in a different mindset. The law of polarity is the universe’s duality of life, and balances while some run and hide, while others face the reality to ride out the wave. What route are you traveling to, to have an experience beyond the infinite?

Scorpio: It’s that time of the season when the fire is heating up the water, to cook a fine meal, or burn the house down. You have these great big bang theories of ideas that haven’t been put into play yet. Did you know that everything you see with the naked eye has been thought of as an idea before? The divine has given you instructions that you can find within your DNA by researching your family history of craftsmanship. Do you catch my drift?

Sagittarius: The sky is limitless as to what you can do with your wealth of knowledge. This week is about demonstrating, teaching, partnering, community outreach as well as on social media. Your messages can travel on a worldwide scale. Sagittarius, your signs sit in the 9th house, as some say it’s the house of the gods, where Mercury communicates the messages to the people, throughout all streams of entertainment. You got this, and you know it. Get your shine on this month of March.

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