The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has once again brought to light the systematic, and historical miscarriages of justice foundational to this nation. And once more, it is Black and Brown people facing the brunt of these injustices. The world is watching, bearing witness, and as subjects of this empire––what are we going to do about it? We, the working class people, humbly aspiring for economic equality and financial security, most of the time not only for ourselves but for our families as well, must pay an egregiously high price. A soul crushing, life-long debt simply for pursuing an education. It is what we’ve been told to do our entire lives, after all. Both implicitly and explicitly by our schools and as a condition of life. So why is something so essential to a person’s quality of life so expensive that most of us have no choice but to take out loans structured to keep us drowning in debt? The answer is comically predictable. So the rich can get richer, our labor is less valuable, and loan servicers, as well as universities get a steady revenue stream predicated on preying off the backs of regular people.

The people who keep this country running. The masses. Black people who are at the very bottom rung of every social economic measurement index, are being asked by the likes of U.S. Rep (D) Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, to make even more sacrifices than we already have! When questioned about whether the rising gas prices were a worthwhile sacrifice in order to support sanctions against Russia he responded, “I’m asking the people of the United States to also make that kind of sacrifice because in the long run, democracy is at stake.” To this statement from a puppet of the ruling oligarchs of this country, and with the consideration that Black women are disproportionately burdened with this crushing and lasting debt, we the Black community demand that Joe Biden use the power of the executive order to cancel and eliminate All Student Debt.

Through mid-March the U.S. had already spent $13.6 billion in support of Ukraine. There should be no problem allocating funds we clearly have to help 46 million Americans with our collective $1.7 trillion—and mounting—student loan debt. It is fundamentally a display of bad leadership to pour more funding towards escalating war in another country, before helping the people of your own. Seeing how this is an issue that affects people of varying ages and how Biden explicitly ran on a platform of easing the debt, it is well within our right to demand he follow through. And not by handing us crumbs either. The fact that Biden may extend the repayment debt to August does not change our demand. The masses of Black people are vehemently opposed to war, and the suffering of all people. We are also against the imperialist mechanism known as N.A.T.O., as it has caused wholesale killing and destruction all over the world under the guise of “democracy.” We are calling on you, the students, to get plugged in. We make this country, and therefore we can break it if our demand is not met, if our people continue to be neglected and preyed on. Join the Resistance today. Demand that President Biden Cancel the Debt.

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