New Minister Mosque #7 Arthur Muhammad with Sister Taliah Muhammad, 6, with certificate Credit: Bill Moore photo

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    New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.
    1220 Washington Ave #9, Albany, NY 12226

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am Ziyadah Amatul-Matin sister of Mr. Ramadan Mubarak Ibn Abdul-Mateen. I am writing to your organization to inform your office that my brother has been placed in the box for defending himself against an inmate set up to harm him by Sergeant Genital. And Sergeant Gential has threatened to harm. Mr. Ramadan Abdul-Mateen within any facility that Sergeant Genital has authority over. We as a family need to file an order of protection against Sergeant Genital to not harm my brother. In addition to Sergeant Gential is promising other inmate whatever to harm my brother Ramadan Abdul-Mateen while he was doing house duty, an inmate was coerce to pouring a chemical on him to blind his sight and injured cut Mr. Ramadan hand from swinging to defend himself from whoever was striving to harm him. There were no officers around. We believe other inmates are related to the Sergeant Genital undercover. At this point, Mr. Ramadan Abdul-Mateen was moved to another location in handcuffs while the attack inmate was not handcuffs and the same other inmate attacked mr. Ramadan Abdul-Mateen again in travel. The family is reporting these incident to Albany, the commissioner and the council person and Mr. Ramadan is still being mistreated by commands of Sergeant Genital. Where is the justice? Mr. Ramadan is human and has a family that loves him to. Mr. Ramadan is not doing anything to deserve this kind of mistreatment. No one does.

    It pains us as a family the extreme professional abuse that officers take in their own hand undercovering their hate for others. The family is strongly praying for mr. Ramadan’s safety while being mistreated under these conditions. Ya Allah. We ask for your forgiveness and help and mercy to Mr. Ramadan. We thank Allah subhana wa ta’ala for giving him the strength to overcome his enemies.

    Thank you
    Ziyadah Amatul-Matin

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