FDNY Ambulance (249196)
FDNY Ambulance Credit: Max Pixel/Creative Commons

An on-duty New York City paramedic was shot and wounded by a patient he was treating in a moving ambulance Wednesday night.

Police Inspector Mark Molinari said the 37-year-old suspect was reported being disorderly outside the Funkey Monkey Lounge in the borough of Staten Island.

On the way to the hospital, an EMT was getting the man’s preliminary medical information when the suspect took out a pistol and shot him in the shoulder.

The ambulance pulled over and the man jumped out, but was caught by a retired detective and an off-duty sanitation department hazmat lieutenant, police said.

Molinari said the man had a previous run-in with the police, an “incident of an emotionally disturbed person.”

The inspector said it was not immediately clear if the gun was registered.

Since taking office in January, Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has made cracking down on rising violent crime a chief focus of his administration. Last week, a New York City police officer was shot in the arm and the gunman was killed in a shootout in the Bronx.

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  1. Stop welfare, public housing, free medical, free everything and let them go and work for a living and you’ll see how fast this shit stops!!!

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