On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat held a report-back to the community on its recent trip to Zimbabwe. A four member delegation composed of D12 Chair Viola Plummer, Omowale Clay, Colette Pean and Sekou Willis attended the 7th Congress of ZANU-PF, the country’s governing party. 

The evening began with a video showing the November launching of Zimbabwe’s first satellite, ZIMSAT. The satellite will provide the country with the ability to identify underground mineral resources, map out its topography, secure its borders, monitor climate activities and improve agriculture. The attendees greeted the conclusion of the video with loud applause and enthusiastic shouts of “we did it.”

Omowale Clay photo

As the delegation pointed out, the satellite launching was only one example of the progress that has been made under President E.D. Mnangagwa’s leadership since his 2018 election. Advances in agriculture, mining, education and health have Zimbabwe moving steadily forward to achieving its immediate and long term goals for the country. 

A lively question, answer and commentary took place between the delegation and the attendees. Afterwards one said, “I now have a  better understanding that, in spite of U.S. sanctions, [for having returned to its people the land stolen by colonial settlers], Zimbabwe is continuing to defend its right to self-determination and its commitment to securing a higher quality of life for its citizens.”

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