Rebirth of a New Nation: November is the month of the behind-the-scenes work coming out into the light with all the distractions and worldwide news blasting every second. What matters the most is your peace of mind, family, duty, obligations, and protections for you and your family. A cycle to build, connect with your brother, sister, neighbors, and community, like in the good old-fashioned days your moms and pops told stories about. What is your story you can share to uplift others who can relate to your journey? Each one of you has a special mission, gifts, talents, expertise, and skills to provide and make a living on this earth to bring harmony and balance, bringing out the love in you and out of each other. You feel the presence of your ancestors, natural forces, and animals sending you messages and walking toward you, be it to comfort you or connect with you. Live in the moment and cherish it just as you do family and friends. “When there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi

Capricorn: The deeper you dive into the root of an issue in search of answers, it’s best to start with you and how it started. A probing cycle to seek beyond the physical realm and plummet into the spiritual realm through meditation, spiritual guidance, sound healing, instruments, water exercises, etc. to into your higher self. Information will be revealed to you in many ways. Partnerships, community outreach, and your due diligence with your plans are coming to completion to see results. On the backend of your daily aspects let it go to rediscover your greatest teacher, and asset which is you. Nov. 24-25 you’re thinking of a master plan and moving in a new direction mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, & physically. 

Aquarius: You may experience a meeting of the minds where conversation with a great friend or person is enlightening and uplifting, ushering in new ideas and concepts. Expect dramatic shifts with rapid decisions to make as opportunities are presented to you. Partnership is the theme; the one you have with yourself is more important. It’s a cycle to change your image as you head in a new direction. Something with communication is key and vital within the development of your plans or projects. Nov. 27-28, being at the right place at the right time is a universal alignment. 

Pisces: Makeup to break up, also cutting your ties with people, places, habits, and being honest with yourself. What’s the commitment to yourself and the projects you are building? A slow awkward weekly cycle with unexpected interference as you get your point across. Romance, finance, careers, and personal and business relationships are eyeballing you at once. Strategize to handle your affairs without a clash of the titans and instigators. Nov. 29-30 work and move in silence, no need for a grand introduction to prove who you are, don’t play yourself short. You have work to do.

Aries: Money talks and bulls— walks to those who want to slander your name. On the brighter side your ancestors are reaching out to you to make power moves and investments as needed. Slow and steady wins the race as details and information is revealed that change the course or direction of your life. The decision is solely up to you. As a friendly reminder, prior obligations are occurring, be it people or bills, and it’s time to straighten things out to clear your path moving forward. Clean the slate as the universe is on your side, plus Jupiter travels in Aries in 2023 after receiving a sneak peek from May 10-Oct. 28, 2022. Nov. 23-24 new beginnings are on the horizon just as the sunrise and sunset. 

Taurus: You are on a move, on a mission, also traveling far and a short distance. It’s part of your mission with the vision that was given. Certain conversations and news received put you on notice. You have a specific message to relate on a worldwide scale from the ancestors, board of advisors, and higher-ups. Rewards, recognition, sacred information, special meetings, and discussions with those in power are pronounced this week. An undertone is mirror mirror on the wall, the partnership you are building with yourself and others is prominent to set things in motion as you enter the new year. Nov. 25-26 is the grand plan; gather the resources and inventory because this is a whole mood.

Gemini: Although money may seem funny it’s finally flowing in all directions you invested as you reap the benefits. Understanding how you make people feel leaves an imprint on their minds or heart, it’s best to remain true. Behind the scenes, a new cycle is beginning as old things fade out. Trim the fat to reduce cost, take inventory, old and new news, people are coming out of the woodwork as a result of the transformation so ride it out. This is a renewal, a rebirth of reconstructing your image and plans. Nov. 27-28, this is a private and spiritual invite transformation with a special agenda, with selected people being informed. 

Cancer: November propels you to stand on your own two feet and be grounded while taking the good and indifferent. It’s a part of growth for your development to evolve into a mature you. You are on the go lately and assisting others as they return the favor to assist you. Massage your shoulders, back, and neck, and also stretch those areas to release tension. Catch up with a friend to bounce off ideas or have a general conversation. The connection has a hidden message to understand your circumstances at the home and professionally. Nov. 29-30 there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Leo: Those who are willing to journey a sacred path and release people, places, things, habits, and patterns are rewarded for the great deed. You experience a feeling of renewal as you understand part of your obligations and contributions in this world. It’s been an interesting journey this year as the transformation came through travel, spiritual encounter, sudden awakening, conversation, and probing for information to know thyself. Focus on your health, as your stomach may not agree with what you eat. Community outreach, public appearances, and coaching are in your forecast. Nov. 23-24 sees new terms, conditions, and alliances as you focus on a new accord.

Virgo: The foundation you built is expanding and it’s a beautiful fresh breath of air to see your plan manifest. Faith is a major key and believing in yourself. That was all you needed to start your journey. As you continue to make progress, find new ways to discover more facts about life and to engage in sharing, teaching others; the more well-rounded you become the more you can maneuver in this world. The behind-the-scenes work is being completed for any investments or grants, and paperwork for licensing is being processed. Nov. 25-26, bosses need self-care to rejuvenate for vitality.

Libra: The clock is ticking, and change is knocking on your door along with a new opportunity to move in a new direction. Spiritually and mentally, you’ve got to be ready as emotionally you have been drained, putting in the work and being obedient to your agenda. It’s time to see your flower blossom. Make sure you nourish them and yourself for the final stage to bear fruit. Things look easy as you review the outcome, yet the process and experiences are what matter the most. That itself is the lesson in disguise to make an impact. Nov. 27-28, the divine creator has a message for you, be it through dreams, conversation, signs, or symbols to ensure you are on the right track. 

Sagittarius: Happy Solar return, can you say this big light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine daily from sunrise and sunset. You have a big heart and a bank wealth of knowledge to share with folks across the globe. Let’s all stand to pray and meditate as you start your day for the protection to carry out your daily mission, duty, and responsibility to the divine creator. Kick off this season with a master plan in motion and move with force from mid-November until mid-December. Ignite the hearts and minds of the people to get into action. Bring fire to the pot of water on the stove that hasn’t boiled yet. Nov. 23-24, it’s a wake-up and shake-up call to action like the call to pray facing in an eastern direction in big momma and pops home.

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