Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said that she has considered pursuing impeachment proceedings for President Donald Trump, during a ceremony honoring a Lenora “Doll” Carter, former publisher of the Houston Forward Times. (235844)
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Credit: Freddie Allen/AMG/NNPA

That’s enough of racism and bigotry, says Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

The Democratic representative from Texas has introduced House Resolution 61, which would amend Title 18 of the United States Code to broaden the definition of hate crimes, with the goal of preventing and prosecuting hate crimes motivated by white supremacy and conspiracy to commit such crimes.

The text of the bill reads as follows: “A person commits a white supremacy inspired hate crime when white supremacist ideology has motivated the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of actions that constituted a crime or were undertaken in furtherance of activity that, if effectuated, would have constituted a crime.”

With respect to any information or evidence obtained by the Department of Justice of any unlawful action specified in Jackson-Lee’s bill, the DOJ shall have the authority to conduct operations and activities pursuant to such crimes.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) would also be authorized to conduct investigations, intervene, and take any other measures it deems necessary and appropriate to prevent, mitigate, or stop any potentially violent action.

The Department of Justice’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program would keep track of white supremacist-inspired hate crimes and other related actions, and Justice Department officials would have the authority to prosecute those responsible for them.

Jackson Lee has requested that the DOJ report its findings annually to the relevant Congressional committees.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, claimed the legislation “makes a mockery of the First Amendment.”

While Boebert, a right-wing leader, misrepresented the legislation after reading a misleading news article, Jackson Lee schooled her on Twitter.

“First of all, it took me about 32 seconds of reading the article you cited to understand that none of you know what you are talking about,” Jackson Lee scolded.

To be convicted of a hate crime in some jurisdictions, “H.R. 61 simply deals with adding white supremacy to a list of reasons,” the Texas Democrat explained.

She elaborated: “So, when the article states that ‘only white people can be charged with’ this crime, that’s flagrantly false.

“Your argument assumes that only white people can hold white supremacist views and that only certain groups of people can perpetrate violence motivated by white supremacy.

“I would hope now that your argument would not shift to ‘why is white supremacy being added to this law?’ That would be egregious.

“Yes, white supremacy should be added to this law. Why? Because as Director Wray testified, it’s a major domestic terrorist threat.”

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  1. Actually the bill would make it a crime to write something on social media if a reasonable person thinks that “it might influence a crazy person to do something crazy”

    It is a blatant attack on free speech as well as being so vague as to be ridiculous.

    1. @Rob Mark….What you say is true, however, Sheila Jackson Lee is a rabid anti White, and this bill is NOT about “free speech”. This bill is much more that that. It is about promoting an anti White agenda, and is aimed directly at White people ONLY. “White Supremacy”?…what does that mean?….it means anything black people don’t like. “Anti Semitism”?….what is that?….It’s anything the anti White, Anti Defamation League Jewish CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt doesn’t like. “Diversity”?, what does that mean?….it means fewer or NO White people. “Multiculturalism”?….that means more NON WHITE cultures to be promoted, and less and less of White culture….American culture being totally removed. “People of Color”?…what is that?…it means ANYBODY except for ANY WHITE PERSON. “Equity”?…well, “equality” didn’t give them, the anti Whites, the results they wanted, so now they demand “Equity”, and .that means steal anything of value and give it to non Whites because….well, they simply want it. Many people are not aware yet, but, since the Jewish people have decided that they are no longer “White”, but are now “Jewish”, they have declared “open season” on the White race, and there are much more anti White laws, movies, advertisements, “educational” classes, anti White curriculums, White character replacements with non White actors in new movies and TV series, and even White people, like Thomas Jefferson, or Anne Boleyn, from our historical past, are being replaced by non White actors. Even White fairy tales and legends made into animated movies by the totally anti White Disney corporation, are blatantly stealing our cultural heritage and replacing White characters, such as Muriel, a White, red haired girl, in “The Little Mermaid” story, with a black girl. In fact an entire industry of anti White books, and professorial papers produced and promoted at America’s colleges and universities…ALL OF IT aimed solely at the entire White race….to include newly born infants and toddlers. According to the United Nations it is a clear definition of “White Erasure” leading to White Genocide….a crime against humanity. Look around….it is now EVERYWHERE! It is being directed and funded by an “elite” group of globalists, including such anti Whites as George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki, Jeff Bezos and many others. They’ve stolen our elections for at least a decade now, killed many that have opposed them, forcing the “Green New Deal” down our throats, as well as the phony “man made climate change” agenda to gain total control of the worlds’ population. It must be stopped….by any means necessary. Take the red pill, “Neo”…see our world….Western Civilization…. for what it is becoming.

    1. This is a racist bill that could get anybody put in jail for talking the wrong way to or about a minority.

    2. @Hypestyles91 So, because Robb Mark disagrees or takes exception to what was written, your immediate response is as a child or an attempt at shaming? “Geez!” Maybe you can tell us how many “white supremacists” you’ve encountered or what they look like it houses of worship they attend or what is their favorite food choices or what kind of music they listen to or cars they drive. My some of my “Best Friends”might be white supremacists and I didn’t know it.😂😂.

  2. Lee responding to Boebert,
    “Your argument assumes that only white people can hold white supremacist views and that only certain groups of people can perpetrate violence motivated by white supremacy.”
    Essentially that sounds to me that Lee considers the other half of the[non Biden] voting population falling under the “white supremacist” label. By the way. What has race baiting Lee done that has been note worthy for[all] Americans in general

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