The United Negro College Fund, the creator of the pageant. (79236)

On Feb. 26, hundreds of churches and congregations around the country will collect special donations to support UNCF and students attending historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

“What many don’t realize is that nearly all of today’s historically Black colleges and universities—our wonderful HBCUs—whether they’re part of UNCF or are now state-funded HBCUs, were started as missions of the church,” said Dr. Michael L. Lomax, president and CEO, UNCF. “They began as teaching schools to help freed Black men and women and escaped slaves to learn how to read and write and give them the basic skills to get ahead in life. That is why, even today, our HBCUs are precious, vital resources that continue to deliver on their mission, supporting those that need education and help them succeed and even the playing field.”

Throughout the year, UNCF works with churches and faith groups across the country to conduct UNCF Sundays, a day of financial support to HBCUs from congregations, culminating on a specific Sunday in February. This year’s UNCF Sunday is Feb. 26.

“The legacy of HBCUs and the church to this day remains stronger than ever as we support deserving students to get to and through college,” said UNCF’s National Faith and Education Initiative Advisory Council Chairman Dr. Howard-John Wesley, senior pastor, Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA. “The work of this council is to ensure this historical bond will never be broken.”

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