NYC hip-hop radio station HOT 97 announces that it’s partnering with the WOE Podcast Network to launch two women-led podcasts that explore and dissect relevant and relatable topics.

The two podcasts, titled Savageland and 2 Chicks With An Attitude, are launching on March 8 and March 10 on

According to the CEO of MediaCo,, the partnership with WOE Podcast Network allows MediaCo to support a vital lineup of new Black talent. “As we build out our podcast offerings, it’s important to amplify new and unique voices,” said MediaCo CEO Rahsan-Rahsan Lindsay. “Partnering with WOE allows us to feature talent with whom we might not otherwise work. We are excited to see them shine.”

Both podcasts are hosted by Black women and feature honest and lively conversations while capturing the pulse of what Black women want to talk about. Savageland guides listeners through the ruthless minefield of modern dating. Led by Crystal Watson, a seasoned veteran of the singles scene, the show explores dating from different perspectives.

2 Chicks With An Attitude, hosted by Bre and Kiara, tackle subjects like sexual freedom, dating younger vs. older men, and the government telling women what they can do with their bodies. These two women make sure to let the world know that men are just along for the ride.

“We are excited to partner with MediaCo, a company with legendary brands like HOT 97 and WBLS, to launch this new podcast media endeavor. Rahsan-Rahsan and the team have been nothing short of amazing,” WOE Podcast Network Founder and Executive Producer Erik Gordon said. “This content will offer listeners a new way to experience culture and it will broaden our reach. Through this ongoing partnership with MediaCo, we’re empowering Black creators and leveling inequity in the industry. This is only the beginning.”

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