Summer is a great time for children, but a challenging time for working parents. No parent wants to leave their child at home without family or trusted friends to look after them. Learning loss also happens over the summer—studies have shown that during the summer, students can lose about 40% of what they have learned during the school year. 

Summer Rising, a free program for New York City public school students in Grades K through 8, provides a safe, fun, and enriching alternative. 

Summer Rising provides a full day (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) of in-person academics combined with social-emotional learning, art activities, field trips, and sports. Last summer, students participated in a variety of programs, including World Explorer, which focused on the food, language, and culture of different countries. They played ping-pong and kickball; took part in nutrition classes and learned to cook with fresh vegetables; and went on trips to the Bronx Zoo, the Aquarium, Lincoln Center, NY Liberty basketball games, and the BioBus.

The Summer Rising session runs from July 5 to August 18 for students in Grades K–5, and July 5 to August 11 for students in Grades 6–8. Students receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack, and students with disabilities receive the supports they need. Priority for the 110,000 Summer Rising seats will be given to students in temporary housing, foster care, and with 12-month IEPs.

Children can be enrolled now at:

The deadline to apply is May 1, and those whose children have received a seat will be notified via email about a week afterward. 

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for young New Yorkers to be in a safe environment for learning and socializing with their friends, and experiencing the attractions of the city, instead of sitting at home and surfing the internet all summer. Summer Rising makes that possible—and the city offers it at no cost to families. 

Be sure to apply, and spread the information to other parents who might be interested in this opportunity. 

And there’s more: Children born in 2020 who live in New York City are eligible to attend one of the city’s free age 3–K programs this fall. Apply now at

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