As expected, we have heard the most egregious lie from Trump: not guilty!

Well, he didn’t actually say it, but allowed his lawyer to submit it and later gave voice to his real feelings about the indictment at a fundraiser in New Jersey.

That he called Special Counsel Jack Smith a “deranged lunatic” means we can resort to the old schoolyard retort that “it takes one to know one.”

It was stunning to see a former president arrested and arraigned by a government he once led, but, again, as we sometimes signified on the playground, “What goes round comes round!”

While we applaud Smith’s words that no man is above the law, it will take some doing to apply the 400 years and fines to a rapacious, unrepentant reprobate. He will go to no end in tactics to avoid conviction, and this leaves us concerned about the jurors selected as well as the judge he appointed.

This drama will be with us for a good spell, probably right into the heat of the Republican presidential primaries where he remains at the top of the heap—a creep at the top of the heap, huh?

Yes, he is, according to the law, presumed innocent until found guilty, but in our court of public opinion, he is guilty until proven innocent.

How delightful it would have been to see him in handcuffs, but it was pleasing enough to see him herded into a courtroom and silenced before the bench. Now we need to see him smirking behind bars! 

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