Members of the United Panther Movement (UPM) brought a U-Haul truck full of food to Trenton, New Jersey, on Saturday, Aug. 14th. The event was an opportunity to serve poor people in New Jersey, UPM  chair Zulu Sharod said.

“We were invited by the Black Lives Matter New Jersey (BLMNJ),” Sharod explained in a note to the AmNews. “They have no connections with the Global Network. They are a poor organization serving a poor, neglected, and often exploited constituency the Democrats or Republicans consider scum of the earth. Every year BLMNJ hosts this community event with no help from politicians or monopoly corporations. They are a donation-based organization.”

“The purpose of the United Panther Movement (UPM), its intent and impact was as an ancillary unit. Our job was to assist them. We did this as a way to build a foundational unity across the state of New Jersey with organic and grassroots organizations serving the people mind, body and soul. Panther Power!”

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