On July 10, 850 police graduates and community members came to the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn—along with many senior officers of the NYPD—to see Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids Demonstration Workshop, directed by All Stars Project co-founder Dr. Lenora B. Fulani and starring six NYPD officers and six inner-city young people.

Five hundred and fifty graduating police officers, along with hundreds of people from New York City’s diverse communities, attended the workshop demonstration to observe performances of relationship-building skits and conversations between young people and police officers.

“While today’s newspapers and TV broadcasts are filled with headlines, sensationalism and politics about police-community relations, you are the people who have to deal with one another on the streets,” said Fulani in her opening remarks. “You are the people who have to make it work. Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids was created to help you, to help all of us, do that together.”

Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids was created by Fulani, a developmental psychologist, and is a program of the nonprofit All-Stars Project. The demonstration workshop was co-sponsored with the NYPD, which signed a partnership agreement with the All-Stars in 2011 to make Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids part of the training of New York City police officers. Fulani has led 77 workshops with 821 officers in community and Police Athletic League centers, churches and schools

since December 2006. More than 1,500 police officers have been trained at demonstration workshops since July 2012.

“Operation Conversation is one of the many ways the NYPD engages with New York City youth.