For African Americans, existing as the “only one” within the workplace can parallel a society of silent discrimination.

“We often forget about the perception, which is often the side effects of racism,” said Executive Producer of the Unwritten Rules Kim Williams to the AmNews.

The Web Series “Unwritten Rules” is meant to give a voice to minority communities, shedding light on the silent forms of racism that plague the workplace.

“Our voice has been silenced for so long, I think now with the digital media stage, it’s a perfect opportunity to give not only a voice, but a common voice”, the producer said, adding that “our voice has been told or heard from everyone but us,” said Williams

William’s based the show on her 2004 book (Butterfly Ink Publishing) “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of an Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African – American Woman.”The novel delves into her personal adversities with racism that she faced within the television industry.

“It’s me going down memory lane, when I look at the show,”said Williams

As leading writer of the web series, Williams script shows a clever use of comedic relief, ensuring the conversation of race is not so black and white.

“It’s easier to put humor in it, so people can be open about it while laughing about it”, said Williams

Episodes take viewers on a humorous yet unfiltered journey of the awkward situations lead character Racey Jones goes through, including the dreadful “hair touch” and the company gathering in her cubicle when she eats her hearty macaroni and cheese.

Racey, played by “Friday Night Lights” star Aasha Davis, relived some of the awkward situations in the workplace, through stories told from her sister.

“I have an older sister who worked in corporate America, and we would go for walks at night, and she would tell me these hilarious stories about her experiences”, said Davis

Despite the awkward situations that Racey goes through, Both Davis and Williams hope viewers take the humor from Racey’s experiences, and know their not the “only one.”

“We all have to take responsibility, for who we are. Let it roll off your back, laugh “Oh this is such a Racey moment!” said Davis

Williams, also feels that it’s important to be complacent with who you were born to be

“Embrace your different, and be comfortable in who you are”, said Williams

Williams show, The Unwritten Rules has celebrated over a million views on YouTube since its release in April 2012. A new episode airs every first Wednesday of the month.