Prior to Interfaith Medical Center’s bankruptcy hearing on Wednesday, Assemblywoman Annette Robinson joined local clergy and the community served by the hospital at a prayer rally outside of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Brooklyn. Together, they are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to keep the hospital open.

Sharonnie Perry, chair of the Interfaith Community Advisory Board that has led the charge, said, “We call upon the governor to provide the necessary funds to keep the hospital open. This facility is vital to our community, and we will not allow it to close.”

Since 2000, 19 hospitals in New York City have closed due to financial pressures, leaving mostly poor and underserved patients with even less health care services in their community. Serving Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and surrounding communities, Interfaith Medical Center served 11,000 inpatient visits and 250,000 outpatient visits last year. The hospital employs 1,516 full-time health care professionals and has 287 beds, 120 of which are for psychiatric patients.