The Uwi twins (pronounced “oo-wie”), Rueben and Levi, are looking forward to their first New York Fashion Week show. These under-30-something twin brothers have been fighting for their lives since the young age of 7, when they barely managed to escape the Rwandan genocide in1994. Today, as international entrepreneurs, the Uwi twins teach the art of looking good with a style of survival.

Fashion has paved the way for progress and preaching. “Follow your dreams, succeed in different ways, rather than following a pre-determined path to greatness. Create your own greatness,” advised the designers.

Celebrities can’t get enough of their designs, which offer charming personality and snazzy characteristics. They are highly favored by cast members of “The Real Housewives” and Billboard artist Tristan Thompson, whose recent music video which has received over a million views. These two designers make a difference in the world of fashion.

Their real life story of birth and survival through artistic street style is amazing. They created Uwi Twins with a message to inspire others to live creatively. Living in Africa and Canada and traveling through Hong Kong has brought them unique insight that they want to share. The 1987 graphic on their unisex T-shirt symbolizes the year the twins were born and the image shows them at 7 years old, when Reuben and Levi Uwi were forced to leave their native country to survive. They were determined to succeed.

“Our upcoming collection is special because it was designed in Kenya recently on our first trip back to Africa after 17 years,” said Reuben Uwi, CEO and designer. “We want to connect with some of the youth here in America who feel hopeless and share our blessings with them. By sharing our story with them, we would like to give them hope and inspire them that they too can follow their dreams.”

Reuben and Levi Uwi use fashion to express their experiences, which can be found in the details of their aesthetics. The designers tell their story of success through clothing. With South Beach sleek white and styles that are clean cut with a comfortable fit, Uwi Twins is geared toward the urban artist lifestyle. There are hints of bold colors and hints of animal prints. Their inspiration comes from the safaris on their recent trip back home. A pop of color in a matching hue of red is paired nicely with a favorite set of headphones that create the perfect UWI swag.

They are looking forward to unveiling their spring-summer 2016 collection at Gotham Hall at their “I Left My Heart in Africa” show Sept. 11 here at New York Fashion Week and Oct. 14 at Fashion Week in Los Angeles.