Sonny Abubadika Carson (222223)

December 20, 2017 marks the 15th year since the passing of one of Black people’s most courageous and gifted Black Liberation fighters, Sonny “Abubadika” Carson, as he was affectionately and respectfully known on the streets of Brooklyn. He had a reputation that spanned across the United States and Africa, too.

Abubadika was an “Original O.G.” whose consciousness and leadership put him on the front lines of literally every battle that actually concerned the interest and human rights of Black people.

A student of Malcolm X and founder of the “School of Common Sense,” Abubadika developed a sharp street knowledge of the pulse and demands of the Black community.

He was instrumental and in front of so many issues, including the battle for community control of public schools, the Civil Rights Movement (he chaired the Brooklyn Congress of Racial Equality), the fight against police brutality, the right to have Black elected officials, closing the crack house (he chaired Black Men’s Movement Against Crack), the Korean store boycott, the Days of Outrage and the fight for the African Burial Ground (returning the bones to Africa; he founded the Committee to Honor Black Heroes), among many other issues.

Sonny Abubadika Carson was there!

As we remember this real Black hero, we think, “What would Abubadika say today about the ethnic cleansing of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Black Community?”

Those of us who knew him—in the African call-and-response tradition—know exactly what he would say:

“What’s coming?”


“Who’s going to win?”

“We are!”

“How are we going to do it?”

“The hard way!”

“When is the right time?”

“The nighttime”!

“What’s the sound of war?”


Black Power to you Sonny!