Anthony Minguez (257016)

A Penns Grove, N.J., police officer accused of exposing himself to two Black children at a restaurant last year was found not guilty by a judge.

Court proceedings for Officer Anthony Minguez began Wednesday in Pilsgrove Township Court. Minguez was charged with lewdness and disorderly conduct for allegedly exposing himself to two Black boys.

The case stems from an alleged incident that took place at a Pennsville Applebee’s restaurant in a restroom in March 2017 when Minguez, who was off-duty at the time and intoxicated, allegedly exposed his genitals to a 13-year-old boy and 9-year-old boy. Minguez was put off the force and the case was forwarded to an Internal Affairs investigator and county prosecutor for review.

Reports indicate that video interviews with both boys explaining what happened could be used in court. The mother of the boys said that after the alleged incident occurred, her sons told her while at the restaurant before she called the police.

The Salem County Prosecutor’s Office said that Minguez was in a bathroom stall when the boys came in and surprised him. In April 2017, prosecutors decided not to indict the officer at the superior level, and the charges were dropped to the municipal level.

“Anthony Minguez is a clear representation of most of the Penns Grove Police Department, rogue,” National Awareness Alliance chairman and founder Walter L. Hudson Sr. said.