Disney Dreamers Academy Credit: Walt Disney World photo

The 2022 Disney Dreamers Academy kicks off at Walt Disney World on Thursday. The 100 students selected to participate in this year’s event came from across the nation to discover new career opportunities and pursue their dreams.

Students come from all walks of life and experiences. here’s a snapshot of this year’s class.

  • 2: Disney Dreamers who are class presidents of their schools
  • 3: Disney Dreamers Academy Career Exposés showcasing an array of job opportunities in the career area of their preference, such as entertainment, business and STEM
  • 5: Alumni returning to participate in this year’s event
  • 9: Disney Dreamers who run their own businesses or charity organizations
  • 10: Students from New York, the state with the highest representation this year, followed by 9 students each from Georgia, Maryland and Texas
  • 11: The number of college scholarships awarded to students from underrepresented communities attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities as part of Disney Dreamer Academy’s new partnership with ESPN’s The Undefeated and GRAMMY-nominated rap artist Cordae
  • 12: Hands-on career workshops known as Deep Dives, based on the students’ career interests
  • 15: Years of Disney Dreamers Academy
  • 22: Number of miles Orlando-area student Roxie R. will travel to attend Disney Dreamers Academy, making her the closest in proximity
  • 24: Disney Dreamers interested in becoming scientists or engineers, the most popular career path among the students, followed by 23 students who seek a career as entrepreneurs
  • 25: States represented at this year’s event
  • 55: Students from the South region of the United States (there are also 20 students from the Northeast, 13 from the Midwest and 12 from the West)
  • 100: Teens attending the 2022 Disney Dreamers Academy
  • 1,000+: Disney Cast Members involved in planning this year’s program
  • 1,400: Disney Dreamers who have participated in the event since its creation
  • 3,044: Number of miles student Simmi S. will travel from Vancouver, Wa. to Lake Buena Vista, Fla., to attend Disney Dreamers Academy, making her the farthest-traveling student

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